Reflection On Contemporary Arts

The idea of making contemporary art is making an influence and impact. By using unusual methods or techniques, the art can draw attraction from people on understanding the emotion and message that wanted to be expressed by the artist. From that, we can foresee the future action that will be taken from understanding the art. Some artists will use the current techniques, or mix conservative and present methods, or might be ahead in the future style.

The unconventional approach by contemporary art also is eye-opening for the people. The theme that most resonated with me was the materials and making. The materials use, how the artist makes it and the labor behind the art is the way we understand and appreciate the making of contemporary art. This can make us wonder artist how the developing art can be boundless by using uncommon material in the usual way or common material in an unusual way. When we look at the different forms of contemporary art, it makes us realize that any form of it can give an impact on us whether a reaction or action. There is a reason why many different, eclectic forms are used by the artist. The mood, the effect and the emotion behind it play an important part.

What makes me surprised is the method of using the camera film, vinyl, or even gel to form an art. It means that the artist has done exploration on which materials are suited for a certain body of art they making and can convey the message to people. Every material and method used by the artist was connected by the emotion and expression of the artist at that time. Thus, it is important to relate the use of medium and expression to convey the message.

Contemporary art stands out from modern art as being the vessel as the voice to society. What is important to society, needs to deliver fast in raising the issue by using the art. Current art as is contemporary art reflects what matters to society today. The way artists experiment and use challenging tools in making the art is to make us realize what is happening around us and how to act on it.

For me, contemporary art is unique and distinctive in a way that has opened all boundaries. Contemporary art has succeeded in raising the issue in the community and the ideas that came with it will start a radical act. And by this, unconventional ideas used by contemporary art have become a successful medium in reaching society.

Nefelibata. Writer. Scientist. Earth citizen. Introverted intuition-based emotion-rely open-ended.