On Fashion That Resonate Me

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I have chosen my black corduroy jumpsuit to resonate with the military and political heroes theme. I bought this garment during Topshop bargain sales last April. It was made in China, 100 percent cotton and it has front zip that you can drag down and tie the sleeves around the waist. I was attracted to the pattern and velvety touch of the fabric besides classic and vintage looking. The fabric is quite thick to wear during the midday but sometimes during the day, I like to wear it for the outdoor job. The jumpsuit was comfortable to wear and was in a straight cut size which is easy for me to move around while doing the heavy work.

The jumpsuit that was made from thick fabric, has gave an impact on the working-class industry. Indeed the jumpsuit is a lifesaver when it start to emerge in the 19th century and how it become important to the working industry. You can wear anything underneath the jumpsuit as a way of liberating as simple as a plain white shirt.

Remarkably, the jumpsuit has changed its way from a working-class garment to a popular unisex fashion. From the staple heavy fabric to light fabric such as silk and polyester, jumpsuits have evolved with various cuts and shapes.

As for me, jumpsuits work as sustainability and versatility garments as they work for multipurpose and can withstand for a long period of time. The jumpsuit itself indeed played a heroic role serving as a military flight suit and industrial revolution.

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The second garment I used for the lifecycle theme is my red plaid flannel shirt. I have had it for about 15 years since bought it from the Reject Shop in 2006. The red color was still in rich color with a worn-out looked from the cotton itself. It was 100 percent cotton, Abercrombie & Fitch, made in China. The reason I bought it is because of the classic heritage that it brings and the softness of the fabric. It has one chest pocket but it does have a badge sewn on the lower-right of the shirt that you can write your name on it. The fabric feels comfortable and your skin feels cool when you wear it. It was slightly oversize and I usually wear it with my skinny jeans. I like to wear it for my usual grocery shopping or going to the vet because it feels relaxed and comfortable. For me, it can relate to the consumption of the garment by preserving the resources since it can be worn over a period of time, breathable, and its functionality.

The plaid flannel shirt itself plays an important role in sustainability and identity. Part of me bought it because of the practicality, and another part of it because it was associated with rugged looks and grunge scenes. It has stayed with me for almost 15 years, making me realize how the plaid flannel shirt had revived back and become one of the timeless, quality garments.




Nefelibata. Writer. Scientist. Earth citizen. INFP-HSP

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Beeha Biha

Beeha Biha

Nefelibata. Writer. Scientist. Earth citizen. INFP-HSP

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